Safe Oil Recovery for Hermosa Beach


Community Benefits

Revenue for the City, schools and services. Royalties for ~1,000 property owners.

Environmental Safety

Ensuring safety and environmental protection for the community.

Natural Resources

Onshore drilling of already developed oil reserves. NO FRACKING.

About the Project


E&B Natural Resources Management, Corp., a California-based oil and natural gas development company, is proposing to construct and operate an onshore oil resource recovery facility to access known and already developed oil reserves from a single location in the City’s Maintenance Yard. Our commitment is to create a clean and safe project that exceeds the standards for small oil recovery projects with sensitive environmental needs. We will deploy the newest and most advanced technologies and programs to meet residents’ high expectations. As we have demonstrated in Huntington Beach, safe oil recovery can be the norm. The oil recovered by this project will be used for American energy and product needs. We will truly be able to say “Made in America” on every barrel.

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Project News

E&B Natural Resources Commits Estimated $36.75 million for Hermosa Students

E&B Natural Resources Commits Estimated $36.75 million for Hermosa Students Hermosa Beach, September 3, 2014 - E&B Natural Resources is proud to announce a plan to supplement its financial commitment to the...

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Where We Are Now

E&B Highlights “Where We Are Now” Several key finished reports have been made public or will soon be released: We encourage everyone to read these important documents (available at...

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